Activities and car rent

There are several beautiful walks to be done in the surroundings of the Residence. On a walk of about one and half our different schools and houses that are supported by the association can be visited.
A walk of about three and half hours leads through the mountains to a artificial lake that provides electricity for the town and via a valley with beautiful views over the terraced rice fields back to the Residence.
At the west of Antsirabe their are some wonderful crater lakes that can be visited by car, bicycle or on a day walk. We are eager to organize this for you.


We also rent cars (4×4) and busses and organise small tours in the surroundings of Antsirabe, or in the rest of Madagascar. Just contact us with your questions and we will be happy to give you some advise and helping you to plan your tour in Madagascar. For information you can contact Remi Doomernik at


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